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Fur Seal Colonies                                      Watch some video of diving with the fur seals.


We have several Fur Seal colonies in this area, including Hippolyte Rock, also on the northern side of the Lanterns near Cape Hauy, and several areas in Munro Bight. We most commonly dive at one of the areas in Munro Bight, where there are New Zealand Fur Seals and some Australian Fur Seals, and these are often very playful, particularly the youngsters. This area is usually suitable for divers of all levels of experience.

Seal encounters can never be guaranteed, but Fur Seals are very curious animals, and are likely to turn up on any of our dive sites, where they will often approach divers and particularly like to play in the bubbles. If approached by a seal, be confident and open in your movements and make eye contact, but avoid sharp, jerky and rapid movements which seem to scare them off. Fur Seals, particularly young ones, often act very similar to adolescent puppies - they usually love to play!



Watch some video of the fur seals.

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